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Brad and Sherry Steiger

Please Visit his Official Web Site ~ edwardshanahan.com

Conscious Channeler Edward Shanahan




"Finding the real most haunted scariest places on earth to hold a séance!"

They could be haunting your own very house!


By Lisa Lee Harp Waugh

Have you found or visited one of the legendary most haunted scariest places on earth? Just because someplace you have personally visited such as a real haunted hotel or haunted ghost filled house is not on the paranormal map does not mean it is not the haunted hotspot to end all. And in investigating these spots many practice the necromantic rituals of Séances.

Real ghosts and hauntings as many believe happen to certain individuals with more frequency then others. Even well respected paranormal investigators and part time ghost hunters will tell you certain individuals tend to bring out the ghosts and the evidence more then others.

Many today believe that by holding rituals linked to the ancient practices of Necromancy that many lost spirits and ghosts can be commanded to appear and interact with the living.

Hold a real Séance - learn how here: How To Conduct A Real Séance HauntedAmericaTours.com This should be a person whose abilities have been proven in prior séances; this can usually be determined by word of mouth recommendations: www.hauntedamericatours.com/séance

Consider investigating your home for a haunting. Some experts believe actual people live in haunted homes and don't even know it!

Go to a well known Haunted Hot Spot in your city and Town and ...Loudly ...Openly invite the ghosts that haunt that spot to follow you home.

Hold a Dumb Supper

Ask a real Witch or Voodoo Priest Or Priestess to curse you with a plague of real ghosts. Occults of this sort usually know how to capture real ghosts and get them to do their bidding.


Your own home might be more haunted then you might surmise.


Many who investigate real hauntings and so called ghosts will often directly point out that you should account for temperature differences in a room. Ghosts are often associated with cold spots. Whether real or perceived only by a sensitive individual usually this is a sign that the chill of the grave is near.

Some report strange smells of a deceased individuals favored perfume or the smell of a what many call the rot from the grave.Many different odors can be associated with the dead. from those of a passed on persons favorite flowers or their favorite meal.

The smells of a real haunted house or often described as this strange sweet moldy wet or damp smell. It is often encountered in musty dusty homes and is too many times over looked. Many will tell you that the dead have a distinctive smell that many can detect just by the taste and odors in the air.

Sometimes ghosts will move a specific personal item of yours or that of a haunted individual repeatedly just to catch personal attention. Or as many feel just to alert you to their presence in your home and in your life. In such cases it may be nothing more then just the ghosts trying to get you to recognize them and that they are with you even though unseen or heard.

Put a glass container over the object or place it into a restricted area where you can film or photograph the movement to document it directly.

Many a location or historic place is often associated with real ghosts haunting the living. Haunted Houses, Cemeteries, Buildings even public locations such as parks or highways or often associated with real ghost sightings and paranormal phenomena. Many try to document such cases and evidence daily.

The real thrill of ghost hunting many say is interaction with the dead. though those that take it seriously such as myself and those that practice Necromancy will tell you straight out don't mess with real ghosts unless you know what your doing.

Man ghosts will haunt weekend ghost hunters and disrupt their lives and family to the point of insanity. Several cases have come to light over the years and you of course don't want to live the horrors that a real paranormal entity can mark upon your life.

Many now believe and swear that in Electronic Voice Phenomenon they can and do hear the dead speak - EVP's this a static background noise that sounds like radio transmissions but is believed to be caused by ghosts trying in some fashion to communicate to us their existence.

Some of what many call the most spookiest, haunting or creepiest real paranormal evidence is often directly found on digital or taped EVP recordings.

Parapsychologist Konstantin Raudive, who popularized the idea, described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.

These words can be chilling and effect the listener in more ways then imaginable. From ghostly voices crying for help to those that bring great warnings ... or just the simple words of "Get Out!" Often heard very clear and audibly when replayed.

"Phone calls from the dead" is an alleged... often sworn as a real paranormal phenomenon in which people receive telephone calls that they claim are from spirits of the deceased.

People have reported receiving telephone call from deceased relatives, friends, pets or even from someone not directly known by the recipient in life. The communication is usually simple and brief, and is usually a one-time occurrence. Though some report having conversations that last for hours or occur on a very regular basis.

Ghostly activity is often linked with changes in electromagnetic field. many have often uses a compass to check out the phenomena. If the needle moves violently it shows dramatic disturbances in the position of magnetic north, a sign that ghosts may be present. Others swear by the use od dowsing rods. When the two rods cross a ghost or paranormal activity is near.

Certain supernatural locations and cities around the world often clearly show the top ten haunted locations have a reputation as being haunted by unseen specters and entities that effect the on a regular basis effect or contact or have a supernatural impact upon the living.

ALSO SEE : THE TOP TEN MOST HAUNTED, SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/toptenhaunted/hauntedworld/

Haunted places around the world, The World's Most Haunted Places may make you a real believer in ghosts. This THE TOP TEN MOST HAUNTED, SCARIEST PLACES IN THE WORLD http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/toptenhaunted/hauntedworld/ list will have some familiar names, and some places you never expected to be haunted.

Paranormal activity is an really a very international affair, and ghosts and apparitions intermingle with the living everywhere day and night. When it comes to the number and regularity of ghost sightings and unexplained events, these real haunted sites can't be beat.

These Top Ten locations were voted by you our many web sites visitors. And by your votes these top the list for places to visit. These locations are said to be places where the living and the dead mingle together freely.


Some Of The Most Scariest Places To Visit And hold a Real Séance:

Any place or location can be scary, but what makes it the most haunted? The paranormal?

When holding a real necromantic ritual to summon the dead to communicate with you it is always best to seek permission to do so first.

Some tell that there are a few strange haunted places on the face of the Earth where Satan will manifest to you in full form to take your soul. And many who try to call up the dead do not realize that at specific location might be inhabited by dark evil forces that only seek to control or take over the living.

Russian legend tells of a witches' sabbath taking place on St. John's Night (June 23-24) on the Lysa Hora (Bald Mountain), near Kiev or Brocken in Germany. Or Walpurgis Night, Walpurgisnacht (or Hexennacht, meaning witches´ night), the night from April 30 to May 1, is the night when allegedly the witches hold a large celebration on the Blocksberg and await the arrival of Spring.

At this time the thin veil between the living and the dead alows them to enter our world and us to enter theirs. Many have reported through out the centuries that the spirits of dead witches, warlocks and the undead such as vampires to also attend these black orgy's.

These wicked evil ghosts and entities tend to plague or torture the living more so then the live witches of today.

The Ghosts of Edinburgh Castle One of the largest ghost hunts ever conducted results in dozens of strange experiences, unexplained photos... and perhaps more questions than answers. Many believe the hauntings have actually gotten worse over the years because so many come and inadvertanly call the dead to come forth.

By hunting for real ghosts as many do today they do not realize that they are in a form performing a ritual that the dead percieve as a modern invocation of sorts.

The most haunted abode in Scotland is the Close of Mary King in Edinburgh. It was built in the 1600s, and it contained hundreds of people during the plague of 1645 when they were quarantined. Voices, yowling spectral black dogs, and a lady clad in black have all been recorded. Many Seances and actual rituals to summon the dead to do ones bidding or often associated with this location.

Lysa Hora or Bald Mountain is a concept of East Slavic, and particularly Ukrainian, folk mythology related to witchcraft. According to legends, ravens, black eagles, witches and other paranormal creatures periodically gather on the "bald mountains" for their "Sabbath". Mentions of Lysi Hory can be found in various historical and literary sources, such as in the writings of Nikolai Gogol and Mikhail Bulgakov (who uses it in The Master and Margarita as the mountain where the Iyeshua (a prototype of the Christ) was crucified). The exact origins and factual evidences of the concept are unclear.

Researchers list dozens of supposed "bald mountains" sites throughout Ukraine and Poland. The most famous among them are the Lysa Hora and Zamkova Hora hills in Kiev, Ukraine, and Lysa Góra in Poland.

CASSADAGA, FLORIDA is a town where all the residents are mediums or psychics. The main "business" in this quaint hamlet, is communicating with the dead and healing the sick. It is a beautiful town, very peaceful, with a Gothic look that invites visitors to stroll the narrow streets. Almost every home in the town has a hanging sign announcing the services of a medium. This is not just a business, it is the combined religious beliefs of Spiritualism. The residents and practioners, invite visitors to their town, but frown on the curiosity seekers. UNX-researchers frequently conduct psychic studies with certain Spiritualists in Cassadaga, in addition, one of our UNX-parapsychologists is a long time resident of Cassadaga. This unusual village was founded in 1895, by George Colby, who was guided to the spot by an Indian Spirit, who directed Colby to build a Spiritual Center on the site. Cassadaga is located between Orlando and Daytona Beach, in Volusia county, just east of Interstate-four.

The City of Derby, says this site, is the "Ghost Capital of England." The site brings together all the information available on the city's spookiest places, where ghostly presences are felt and where things actually do go "bump in the night."

Prague is one of the most haunted cities in Europe. There are water goblins under the Charles Bridge, a headless horseman, a huge fat ghost and a fiery coach. A golem made of clay ran amok in the Jewish Quarter and Emperor Rudolph II invited magicians, astrologers and alchemists from all over Europe to his court.

Haunted places around the world, The World's Most Haunted Places may make you a real believer in ghosts. here is a collection of true ghost stories from the world's most haunted places.


No. 9: Catacombs, Paris, France.

The City of Light. They lie there to this day, in the eternal darkness, an Empire of the Dead.

The south Suburbs of Chicago are home to some of the most famous ghosts in America. Resurrection Mary, Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery, long abandoned, vandalized, but not forgotten. But are there places that just the name strikes fear to those world wide?

Sweden, The Palace of Scheffler is the most famous "haunted house" in Stockholm and is often simply known by its nickname, the Haunted Mansion, (Spökslottet).

Haunted Galveston,Texas


No discussion of the history of Haunted Galveston would be complete without mention of the most traumatic event in the city's history -- the Great Storm of 1900.

Founded in 1836, Galveston has a history as old and phantom-filled as the entire state of Texas. Tales of pirates and civil war soldiers, of drowned victims of the Great Storm of 1900 that still wander the Galveston streets looking for home. These are but a few of the phantoms of Haunted Galveston.

Galveston was the first Texas city to have electric lights, electric street cars, a post office, naval base, a newspaper, public library and hospital and many other products of civilization. Galveston is rich in history and was the area known as the "Strand" encompasses many of the most historic buildings in the old city including the 1894 Grand Opera House, many museums, shops and eateries. The Galveston Strand was once called "The Wall Street of the Southwest" because it's location and climate attracted so many of the formidable "old money" families of the Northeast. This barrier island also boasts one of the country's largest bird migratory flyways, beautiful beaches and amazing, rich salt marshes.
In the early 1800's the island was used as a headquarters by the famous buccaneer pirate Jean Lafitte who used the remote and trackless surroundings to hide his treasure and further his clandestine trade with outlying territories. Legends abound of the buried treasure left behind by Lafitte and his men and treasure hunters still seek the lost booty to this day. In 1821, Lafitte was ordered to leave by the American forces aboard the warship "Enterprise." Lafitte sailed out of Galveston aboard his frigate "Barataria Bay" was never seen in Galveston again - at least not by any living eye.

This ghost tours has been voted by you America as one of the Top Ten Most Haunted, Best Tour to see a ghost, and Best Scariest Ghost Tours to experience in America!


MOST HAUNTED CITIES AMERICA Is your city a real haunted city? Did your city make our Top Ten Haunted Cities in the United States list? Find out here who has the most ghost! Haunted Americas Most Haunted City!

Plan your visit to one of the most haunted cities in America here!


Aokigahara Forest, Japan
Aokigahara (青木ヶ原?), also known as the Sea of Trees (樹海, Jukai), is a forest that lies at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The caverns found in this forest are rocky and ice-covered annually. It has been claimed by local residents and visitors that the woods are host to a great amount of paranormal phenomena. It is an old ancient forest reportedly haunted by many urban historical legends of strange beasts, monsters, ghosts, and goblins, which add to its serious and sinister reputation.

I personally went their and had a very haunted experience where a actual ghosts took over my body.

Aokigahara Forest, Japan

The forest floor consists primarily of volcanic rock and is difficult to penetrate with hand tools such as picks or shovels. There are also a variety of unofficial trails that are used semi-regularly for the annual "body hunt" done by local volunteers, who mark their search areas with plastic tape. The plastic tape is never removed, so a great deal of it litters the first kilometer of the forest, past the designated trails leading to and from known tourist attractions such as the Ice Cave and Wind Cave. After the first kilometer into Aokigahara towards Mount Fuji, the forest is in a much more pristine state, with little to no litter and few obvious signs of human contact. On some occasions human remains can be found in the distant reaches of the forest, but these are usually several years old and consist of scattered bones and incomplete skeletons, suggesting the presence of scavenging animals.

Ghost encouters of the wandering dead are said to be often encountered more then just frequently as well as many ghost photos and EVP's.

A very popular myth states that the magnetic iron deposits underground cause compasses to malfunction and travelers to get lost in the forest. However this myth is largely false. Japan's Self Defence Force and the US Military regularly run training practices through portions of the forest, during which military grade lensatic compasses have been verified to function properly. Vehicles, GPS equipment, and other electronic devices function properly.

It is also a popular place for suicides, reportedly the world’s third most popular suicide location after San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge , and (before the installation of the Luminous Veil) Toronto's Bloor Street Viaduct, due in some part to the novel Kuroi Jukai (黒い樹海, lit. Black Sea of Trees?), which ends with the lovers of the novel committing suicide in the forest. Since the 1950s, more than 500 people have lost their lives in the forest, mostly suicides, with approximately 30 suicides counted yearly. In 2002, 78 bodies were found within the forest, replacing the previous record of 73 in 1998. The high rate of suicide has led officials to place signs in the forest, urging those who have gone there to commit suicide to seek help and not kill themselves. The annual search, consisting of a small army of police, volunteers and attendant journalists, began in 1970.

Typically most suicides are men, with over 71% of suicides in 2007 being male. The rate among the over-60 population is also high, but people in their thirties are most likely to commit suicide. Suicide is the leading cause of death for people under 30.

The most frequent location for all in japan are often suicides is in Aokigahara, In the period leading up to 1988, about 30 suicides occurred there every year. In 1999, 74 occurred, the record until 2002 when 78 suicides were found. The area is patrolled by police looking for suicides, and that same year 83 people intending suicide were found and taken into protective custody.

Railroad tracks are also a common place for suicide, and the Chūō Rapid Line is particularly known for a high number.

Aside from those intending to die there, the dense forest and rugged inaccessibility has attracted thrill seekers. Many of these hikers mark their routes by leaving colored plastic tapes behind, causing concerns from prefectural officials for the ecosystem of the forest.

In 2004, a movie about the forest was released, called Jyukai — The Sea of Trees Behind Mt. Fuji (樹の海, lit. Sea of Trees?), by the director Takimoto Tomoyuki. It told the story of four people who decided to end their lives in the forest of Aokigahara. While scouting for shooting locations, Takimoto told reporters that he found a wallet containing 370,000 yen (roughly $3,760 USD), giving rise to the popular rumor that Aokigahara is a treasure trove for scavengers. Others have claimed to have found credit cards, rail passes, and driver's licenses.

CNN article about the forest

Suicide in Japan is considered to be a major problem nationally.Causes of suicide include unemployment (due to the economic recession in the 1990s), depression, and social pressures. Japan has one of the world's highest suicide rates, especially amongst industrialized nations, and the Japanese government says the rate for 2006 is ninth highest in the world. In 2007, the number of suicides exceeded 30,000 for the tenth straight year. - Since 2008, the economic situation worsened in Japan due to the global financial crisis, and this has pushed the suicide rate in Japan even higher. The industries are becoming smaller which is causing higher unemployment. This in turn leads to the Japanese husbands being at home much more and this is causing domestic problems because it has been the traditional role of the Japanese women to be in the home. This situation has been the cause of some marriage breakdown, even divorce. Being unable to cope with these stresses, the Japanese men have turned to suicide.

The rapid increase in suicides since the 1990s has raised concerns, with 1998 having a 34.7% increase over the previous year.

Also, suicide of the youth in Japan is becoming more serious in recent years. The financial crisis has impacted also on the Japanese youth, and they see that there are few possibilities of work. A number of youth in Japan cannot see any improvement for themselves in the near future and because of this they are turning to suicide.

Common methods of suicide are jumping in front of trains, leaping off high places, hanging, or overdosing on medication. Rail companies will charge the families of those who commit suicide a fee depending on the severity of disrupted traffic.

A newer method, gaining in popularity partly to publicity from Internet suicide websites, is to use household products to make the poisonous gas hydrogen sulfide. In 2007, only 29 suicides used this gas, but in a span from January to September 2008, 867 suicides resulted from gas poisoning.

Please for the full story also see: Aokigahara Forest, Japan "THE MOST HAUNTED FOREST AND HOT SPOT IN THE ASIAN WORLD!" In this article The Great American Necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh became possessed by the ghost of a dead man!



AND: Haunted Australia: And the real ghost from down under.

Haunted Civil War Battlefields

The National Register of Historic Places is the United States' official list of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects worthy of preservation. As of December 2005, the list includes approximately 79,000 entries, including many icons of American culture, history, engineering, and architecture. Battlefield ghosts of the Civil War, including strange screams, dark figures and headless phantoms, ghost campfires and marching dead Confederate ghost soldiers.

Join us now as we travel to the edge between the worlds, to locations and destinations where visits from the “other side” are more than commonplace.

American Battlefield Ghost Hunters always suggest that planning ahead can often make the difference between a good ghost hunting trip and a great trip to National Battlefield Park. Explore these pages to discover the essential things you need to know before you leave home—how to get around the park, where pets are allowed, how to stay safe, and more important a ghost photo or ghost story to read and plan to investigate.



The most deadly battle of the Civil War took place in 1863 in the tiny Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg. Union soldiers were low on ammunition and losing the fight, nearly capitulating them to the advancing Confederate army. Then, as they used up the last of their gunpowder, a ghostly George Washington on a white stallion appeared before them, urging them on to victory — an event that ultimately turned the tide of the war. That's the way the legend tells it anyway, and to this day, the people who live in and around Gettysburg maintain that George Washington's ghost rides regally across that same battlefield every summer. Of all the forlorn, countless souls awash in time, none reach out to us more than those of the dead at Gettysburg . . . Their presence on earth was silenced forever by death. Or maybe not." -- Mark Nesbitt.

Mark Nesbitt, author of the best-selling Ghosts of Gettysburg book series recently won two national awards for his six-volume collection of tales of paranormal happenings on the battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the 3-day Civil War battle. His popular Ghosts of Gettysburg Candlelight Walking Tours® and many books tells more of the whole story.

Also see His latest book here:

This ghost tours has been voted number 1 in america by you our readers, Haunted America Tours as the Top Ten Most Haunted, Best Tour to see a ghost, and Best Scariest Ghost Tours to experience in America!


For a full list of America's Haunted Battlefields, Their ghost stories and ghost photos Visit here now.

Though the battles have long ago ended and the sound of cannons and muskets is but a distant memory, there are some souls who are still waiting for the call to “Retreat” – and for them, it may never come!

Make plans to visit a Haunted Battlefield today!


The UK and Ireland are covered in places of haunted battles, where the blood stained the land for many years after the event. Bowerchalke (Wiltshire) - Between village and Woodminton, Headless horses can be seen and the sounds of fierce fighting can be heard here - the area was the site of a battle between Roman legionnaires and the Britons.

Dartmoor (Devon) - Cadover Bridge The sound of battle can be heard near the bridge, the screams of the dying and injured, and the clash of sword and shield.

In general where ever a great historical battle took place the dead soldiers walk and reenact the fights which took their lives.


The Royal Palace in Stockholm is supposedly haunted by several ghosts, including the so called White Lady (vita frun) and the Grey Man (grå mannen). The White Lady is said to appear when someone in the royal family is about to die, and old King Oscar II even writes about her in his memoirs. Some believe that the Grey Man is the ghost of Birger Jarl, the founder of Stockholm. The Stockholm Metro is reputed to be haunted by the ghost train Silverpilen.

"Tower of London" ranks as one of the most haunted Castles in Britain.

Burgh Castle Once a year the sounds of clashing swords and Roman and Saxon screaming can be heard in this area. Another ghost reportedly observed here during dark nights is a figure that plummets from the ramparts.

Dalhousie Castle, SCOTLAND- a grey lady who's even been photographed many times.

Walachia, Transylvania, The Haunted True Realm of the Impaler Prince, The Authentic Vampyre, in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania stands one of the many castles of Dracula the dark lord.

Scotland too has many haunted castles. Culzean Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Eilean Donan Castle Glamis Castle, Inveraray Castle, Balgonie Castle , Craignethan Castle , Stirling Castle, St. Andrew's Castle, and Stuart Castle.

Dragsholm Castle-hotel was built in 12th century by the Roskilde bishop. When the building of the castle was completed, it became the residence for both kings and several noble families. Now it is owned by the Bottger (since 1939) family who has converted the castle into a hotel. However, as many other castles from that age, it has its own story to tell. Actually, the castle has three ghosts: A gray lady, A white lady and the ghost of the Earl of Bothwell.

Brissac, Loire valley, France Jacques de Breze suddenly sold the castle as a result of the double assassination of his wife charlotte and her lover. The ghost of Charlotte still haunts the castle

Okiku's Well at Himeji Castle is often said to be haunted by the ghost of Okiku. She is supposed to rise from the well at night and count to nine before shrieking and returning to the well. Some stories, however, locate the haunted well in the Canadian embassy in Tokyo's garden.

Wales Caernarfon Castle, Conway Castle, Ruthin Castle-Hotel and Caerphilly Castle whereA ghost of green lady flies from turret to turret at Caerphilly Castle. Ghost of soldiers patrol the battlements. At the flag tower there is a smell of perfume at all times.

Ireland's Leap Castle, Ross Castle-Hotel, The ghost that haunts Ballygally Castle, Ireland which has been turned into a hotel, is said to be Lady Shaw, Who enjoys herself knocking at doors of the different hotel rooms.

Ballygally Castle was built in 1625. Now a hotel "it is the only 17th century building in Northern Ireland still being used as a residence today". The original beam ceilings and antique pine furniture which decorate the hotel?s guest rooms "give the feeling of what stylish living was like in the last century".

Not to mention the ghost, who is said to be that of the former Lady of the castle. Lady Isobel Shaw's ghost is reputed to be rather playful, she loves to knock on the doors of the guests; apparently she is quite amused by their reactions when they find no one there.

Located on the Antrim coast at Ballygally Bay, Ballygally Castle is near the famous "Nine Glens of Antrim" and the Giant?s Causeway. Views of the Antrim Mountains and the Irish Sea are just part of the lovely scenery that can be enjoyed from the coastal and glen walks.

Rosedale, Mississippi, where Highway 8 intersects with Highway 1. Robert Johnson and his infamous crossroads deal with the devil – in which he traded his immortal soul for musical genius – is deeply ingrained in the mythology and legend of the rural South and is one of the best-known tales of American folklore.


In Japan, ghosts are called Yurei. They are very similar to Western ghosts, and are believed to haunt people and places after their death.

Tuen Mun Road, Hong Kong - Over the years, hundreds of people have claimed that this highway is haunted. Since 1978, many lives have been lost due to car accidents on that expressway. The high death toll is blamed on ghosts because they supposedly pop up in the middle of the road when people are driving, thus causing them to make really sharp turns to avoid them and then end up crashing. The ghosts of past victims are said to be seen there at night and some drivers have even claimed that they lost complete control of their vehicle several times.


Road side shrines to those that have died in car accidents are see all around the world but what about the many unreported apparitions that roam them ... And a few monsters too! Suburban street ghost sightings are becoming more commonplace.

Some paranormal investigators have related different scenarios to why our highways and streets and back roads are filled with ghosts. Some believe it is that of the ghosts that have died on these paved streets. Still others think it is a spirit of someone who has decided to travel cross country to see other relatives or just seeing the world as something they could not do in life. For more Please visit here now! http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/ghosts/StreetGhost/


Many locals know the best place to experience a one-on-one encounter with some of the resident ghosts and ghouls that prowl the streets of Haunted New Orleans. Haunted New Orleans Tours has created a definitive guide to some of the city’s spookiest and most ghost-ridden thoroughfares where specters make contact with the living on an almost daily basis.

#1. Canal Street at City Park Avenue.

One drive through this major city intersection and it’s obvious to see why the area ranks number one on our list of Haunted New Orleans Streets. This major intersection once marked the outermost limits of the old city of New Orleans and is a location where an amazing thirteen cemeteries converge. Beyond the intersection is the median (in New Orleans vernacular, the “neutral ground”) that once was the location of the New Basin Canal: in itself yet another graveyard for so many Irish, German and Italian immigrants died in digging it and all of them were buried where they fell.

There have been a variety of reports stemming from encounters near vortex of the dead: from spirits seen walking hand in hand down the wide avenues of Greenwood Cemetery, to the plaintive, disembodied voices that call to bus riders waiting at the corner near Odd Fellow’s Rest, the reports are astonishing. Near this location several witnesses have spotted the ghost of a young woman dressed all in white running into the path of oncoming traffic at the corner where Canal Boulevard becomes Canal Street. Some have speculated that the figure is that of a bride and they point to the fact that one of New Orleans’ legendary reception and dining halls – Lenfant’s -- stood nearby for decades. Why the bride is running or what she might be searching for will forever remain a mystery. Others who have seen her have debunked the bride theory for something more sinister: they have said she has all the appearance of a pale, ghostlike creature, with a gaunt, skeletal face and long, bony hands that make a horrible “clack-clacking” noise on the car doors of the hapless souls who wait too long at the Canal Boulevard stop sign. There have been other reports of ghostly funerals passing through the CLOSED gates of the Masonic cemetery late in the night, and this is one of the intersections where the infamous Haunted Bus is said to stop, and barrel on into the empty night. If you happen by this particular intersection remember: here the dead truly outnumber the living, and they are not restful.

#2. Esplanade Avenue at Moss Street and Bayou St. John.

This intersection, where grand old Esplanade Avenue crosses over Bayou St. John at the Moss Street Bridge has long been reputedly haunted. Along the Avenue near this intersection is St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 where many of the great old New Orleans families now sleep in eternal repose. But some of the families who chose a better view of the Bayou with their earthen beds surely must have felt betrayed when their remains were exhumed and moved: Originally, St. Louis No. 3 extended nearly all the way to the shore of the Bayou. In the 1940’s a part of the land was sold and houses were built where gravestones once stood; later, in the 1970’s, the huge Park Place apartment building was erected where the houses once stood. Reports have come of spectral beings loitering near corner of Esplanade and Moss, as if they are lost souls looking for their resting place. Also near this intersection is the old convent of the Cabrini nuns, who still teach at Cabrini High School on nearby Moss Street. Mother Cabrini, the founder of the order, lived in the building herself and tales of her spirit still being seen kneeling and praying at the grotto are legendary. In the early 1900’s Bayou St. John and the surrounding area were the domain of Jose Planas, the King of the French Market. He owned most of the land from Esplanade to the French Quarter and operated several barges and tugs that did commerce along the Bayou, once a major route to Lake Pontchartrain and ultimately to the Gulf of Mexico. Residents who live in the restored cottages near this major intersection tell stories of hearing the resonant voice of Jose himself, still giving orders to his barge crews; when Jose is seen, he appears as a man dressed in a white, Havana style suit, usually near the base of the statue of Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard.

#3. St. Charles Avenue.
This grand promenade of old New Orleans has its share of reputed apparitions and haunting's.

Union soldiers and once even the ghost of General Benjamin “The Beast” Butler have been sighted on the steps of famous Gallier Hall. During the Union occupation of the city of New Orleans, Gallier Hall was used as a Federal headquarters. There is also a ghost connected to Gallier Hall that appears only during the Bacchus Mardi Gras parade: Some rattled parade-goers have run screaming to police reporting that they have just witnessed a stabbing. When police return to the scene of the alleged crime, the first block on the Lafayette St. side of Gallier Hall, there is no victim and nothing out of the ordinary is found. As it happens, in 1972, a young man was attacked and brutally stabbed between two cars on this side of Gallier Hall. He died two blocks down at the intersection of Lafayette and Baronne Streets. Perhaps what we are seeing is simply the ghostly reenactment of his tragic last minutes on earth?

On the Uptown side of St. Charles Avenue, in the area that inspired the chronicles of Anne Rice’s Mayfair Witches, strange things are reported near the famous Bultmann Funeral Home where some have witnessed ghostly hearses idling on side streets and have heard the piercing cry of a young woman in jeopardy. Ironically, some years ago, a young woman was attacked near the funeral home entrance and was dragged to her death along a side street, all during the height of rush hour traffic.

Near the intersection of St. Charles and Napoleon Avenues a ghostly couple is said to await a bus that for them never comes. They are seen dressed in Sunday best and when the bus arrives, they apparently never get on. Also near this intersection is sometimes seen the ghost of a lost little boy. He is seen crying broken-heartedly and standing in the gutter on the river side of Napoleon. When someone approaches him, it is said he turns and runs away, disappearing into thin air. Tragically, a little boy was pulled under the wheels of a Mardi Gras float at just this location many years ago when the Super Krewe's (as they were then called) first began using the Uptown parade route. Could this spectral image be that of the lost little boy whose Mardi Gras was ruined so long ago?

#4. Lakeshore Drive
Like St. Charles Avenue, this long stretch of famous New Orleans roadway seems to have more than its share of haunting's, such as: Lakeshore Drive and Kildeer where a biker and his child were killed in a hit and run trying to cross at the base of the high rise bridge here; many people have reported being startled by the ghostly figure of a man on his bike, with a child fixed in a seat behind him, who rushes out in front of vehicles and disappears into thin air. Lakeshore Drive at “TI- KI Beach,” where the ghost of a college student who drowned during a fraternity initiation is seen walking up to cars that park here and looking mournfully into the windows before vaporizing into the dark. Lakeshore Drive at Mardi Gras Fountain, where the ghost of a motorcyclist who plowed off the road here and into the fountain in the 1960’s is said to come and sit beside hapless visitors to the old fountain; they report that he is still wearing the torn leather jacket and the blood stained helmet that he was found in. And somewhere along Lakeshore Drive is to be found one of the most troubling haunting's in New Orleans, though the exact location is unknown. It is told that during the 1930’s a man who was swimming in the Lake was sucked under the seawall steps and drowned because he could not escape. Friends searched for him and finally a diver located the opening under the steps and the body was discovered. Haunted New Orleans Tours has received several reports from people who have unintentionally chosen the exact spot of this tragedy to share a quiet moment, only to be startled into abject terror as the ghostly arm and shoulder of a man appear in the wash near the bottom of the steps: According to all reports, NO ONE has stayed around to see the head and face come up out of the water. (This one is hit or miss and you never know if the spot you’ve chosen is the right one, until you see that glowing hand reach up from the black waters of Lake Pontchartrain.)

#5. Rampart and Basin Streets.
You can’t have one without the other in this “two’fer.” Rampart Street was for years uncounted the northern boundary of the French Quarter and has been the source of many reports of haunting's and paranormal encounters. Basin Street, Rampart’s raunchy sister, is a legendary cradle of brothels and the blues, and a perfect recipe for haunting's.

The Old Mortuary Chapel, or Our Lady of Guadeloupe and St. Jude Shrine as it is called today, was once the final stop before an earthen bed for victims of the yellow fever epidemics of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The dead and dying of Bronze John’s subjects were taken en masse to this chapel to receive the Last Rites from the only souls still willing to approach the victims with compassion, the priests and nuns of the Mortuary Chapel. Today there is almost continuous activity in and around the church and novenas to St. Jude, the Patron Saint of Impossible Causes, are a constant. But in the quiet interludes, in the dark hours before dawn and at sunset after the rush hour traffic has passed, some say the sound of Latin benedictions can still be heard over the ghostly moaning of the dying in the last throes of the grip of the yellow death. One startling report comes to Haunted New Orleans Tours of a group visiting from South Carolina who decided to take an independent tour of the old chapel and somehow got a glimpse of the Other Side: while wandering the aisles of the church, amid the muffled conversation of churchgoers and other tourists, the group came face to face with a nun wearing a habit so antiquated that it immediately stood out as odd. It is said that she passed them without a look or word, and in such complete silence that it made at least one of the party give her a second, longer look. To his dismay, he realized as he watched that the nun was FLOATING almost a foot above the chapel floor. Struck speechless by the sight, all he could do was watch in shock as the nun literally floated onto the altar and through the sacristy door. Often visitors to the church smell an intense scent of lavender in the nave of the church when no one is there: lavender was used to mask the scent of illness that once so pervaded the little old chapel.

Another famous and haunted Rampart Street landmark is Congo Square. Today it is adjacent to Armstrong Park near the Municipal Auditorium, but in the 18th and 19th centuries it was the beating heart of the African Americans in New Orleans. Frequented by both Free People of color and Negro servants and slaves of the gentile New Orleans families, Congo Square quickly took on a life of its own. African Americans who came together to share and celebrate their African culture in a marketplace atmosphere that in the evenings became a celebration of music and dance held great gatherings there. Many distinguished New Orleanians would join in the celebrations at Congo Square, including Marie Laveau and her followers who practiced their voodoo rituals there deep into the night. The wild rhythms also attracted one of the most famous American composers of that time: young Louis Moreau Gottschalk, the composer of such famous works as “A Night in the Tropics” and “The Banjo,” visited Congo Square as a child and into his youth – and some say he still visits there in death. Reports have come to Haunted New Orleans Tours of a tall man, dressed in 19th century clothing, groomed in the style of the day with sideburns and moustache, who walks silently down Rampart Street to the gates of Armstrong Park and disappears inside. One report tells of the man being accompanied by an Octoroon woman dressed in servant’s clothes of the time: it is a well known fact that the servants of Gottschalk’s household are the ones who first exposed him to the fiery rhythms that would plant the seed of ragtime in his musician’s heart. Perhaps his Octoroon is still accompanying him? Those who have researched the story of Gottschalk have recognized his tall, dark figure immediately, but he is not confined to Rampart Street and is often seen near the corner of Royal and Esplanade standing outside the cottage where he was born. The ghost of Marie Laveau has also been seen in the park itself, dancing in a ghostly dance to music only she and the spirits of the Other World now can hear. Dressed in white and looking as beautiful as when she lived, her dark eyes flash as if she knows very well she is dead and that she is scaring the life out of you!

Nearby Basin Street has always had a seedy reputation and the brothels that flourished there in the late 1800’s and early 20th century did nothing to change that opinion. But can it be that the ghosts of prostitutes from long ago are still working their Basin Street beat? One man claims that he was actually approached by one of these ghostly prostitutes and was led to a rendezvous in a darkened yard, only to find himself completely alone: the woman had vanished altogether. Ghostly music haunts Basin Street; remnant notes from days of yore when jazz and the blues were in their infancy. One complaint to the New Orleans Police Department about “the jazz band practicing upstairs in that empty building” seem to be proof enough that ghostly musicians still get together to jam: when the NOPD arrived, they found the place deserted, without even electricity or a way inside. One familiar Basin Street ghost is that of famous turn of the century craftsman and painter Alphonse Aveton, who is still seen in his turn of the century painter’s clothes, walking down Basin or climbing scaffolding that IS NOT THERE along the sides of buildings now decrepit and abandoned but which once bore the mark of his artistry. Family members of Aveton claim to have no idea why their relative is still plying his trade in the hereafter but wish wholeheartedly that he’d come over to their houses and do some work for them! Such is the way with most old New Orleans families: you may be gone but you are never forgotten!

And Don't forget the Voodoo Cemetery Gates Of Guinee, The Portal To The Afterworld. Bringing a piece of Mardi Gras King Cake with you as an offering. The dead love sweets, and even more so they love King Cake in New Orleans. And don't forget Voodoo Queens Marie Laveaus' Tomb is said to strike fear into non believers hearts if they offend her. And don't forget the shadow of the Lalaurie house that still casts it's haunted terrors for over a hundred years on the Crescent City. Some say it's home to Red Beans and Rice, The Grunch, Crawfish, The Devil Baby, haunted Mardi Gras Parades, Gumbo, Zombies and The living Dead!

Canadas Forbidden Plateau, near Courtenay-Comox-Cumberland in Strathcona Provincial Park. A Comox legend says this Plateau swallowed all the women, children and elders of the Comox people without a trace, and it has been taboo forever after.


Many who study paranormal activity believe these prisons, each with its own history of immense pain and mental suffering, attract spirits who are caught between worlds.

Alcatraz Prison is thought to be one of the most haunted places in America by many. But for being such a notorious place and location, many ghost hunters believe it should have more ghosts and sightings then is reported.


Eastern State Penitentiary Known as being the most expensive building built in the U.S. at the time, the Eastern State Penitentiary became a prototype in design to 300 prisons. The inmates who broke the rules risked being dunked in a bath of ice-cold water then hung from a wall for the night. During the winter months, when this punishment was most popular, the water on the inmates's skin would form into a layer of ice before morning. Since its closure visitors, employees and those researching paranormal activity have reportedly heard unexplained eerie sounds throughout the prison.

One major paranormal episode reported occurred to a locksmith doing restoration work in Cell Block #4. According to the tale, he was working to remove a 140-year-old lock from the cell door when a massive force overcame him so powerfully he was unable to move.
Some believe when he removed the key it opened a gateway to the horrific past and offered the spirits caught behind its bars a pathway out. The man spoke of experiencing an out-of-body state as he was drawn toward the negative energy which burst through the cell.

Anguished faces appeared on the cell wall, hundreds of distorted forms swirled around the cellblock and one dominating form seemed to beckon the locksmith to him. The man's experience was so vivid, years after he would shudder in fear when he talked about it.

Today the penitentiary is opened to the public. In a typical year, maybe two dozen paranormal investigations take place in the cell blocks, and according to Assistant Program Director Brett Bertolino, they almost always find evidence of activity.

Tourists and employees have reported hearing weeping, giggling and whispering coming from inside the prison walls.

Fremantle Prison in Western Australia -The Fremantle Prison has a rich and varied past. As a place of incarceration for almost 150 years its inmates included British convicts, local prisoners, military prisoners, enemy aliens and prisoners of war.


Fremantle Prison was constructed soon after the arrival of the convict ship Scindian in 1850. The Swan River Colony was settled by free settlers in 1829. In 1849, the farmers petitioned the colonial authority to request skilled convicts be sent from the British government. The first ship with 75 prisoners aboard arrived even before confirmation of the request was received. Edmund Henderson found on arrival that the town was unprepared and arranged temporary accommodation for the convicts at the harbour master's warehouse (now the Esplanade Hotel). Under direction from Henderson, James Manning and Henry Wray supervised the construction of the prison using convict labour from limestone quarried on-site. Construction began in 1851 and was completed in 1859. The first prisoners were moved there in 1855.

The face of Martha Rendell, the only woman to be hanged at Fremantle, appears in the window of the church regularly. The face seems to be caused by ripples in the glass that reflect light in an unusual way, but the resemblance is uncanny.

West Virginia Penitentiary The West Virginia Penitentiary (Moundsville), with its striking stone facade and Gothic castle-like style opened in 1876. The structure was originally built for 480 prisoners, but by the early 1930s it housed a total of 2,400. At times, three prisoners would be asigned to one of the tiny five by seven cells. With its violent past, deplorable conditions and two major riots, Moundsville Penitentiary is a popular destination for those who study paranormal activity. Some claim that the prison is plagued with what is called, residual hauntings, which are defined as a replay of a tragic event from the past.
There are several areas in the prison known as "hot spots" where an unusual amount of paranormal activity reportedly occurs. Such places include: the Chapel, shower cages, Death Row, the Sugar Shack, which was a recreational area and the North Wagon Gate which is where death row inmates were taken to be hung before the facility used the electric chair.

One other area known for strange occurrences is the circular entrance gate which was used to seperate arriving inmates from the warden's living quarters. According to reports, the circular cage turns periodically by itself, giving the impression that the spirits of criminals are still arriving at the prison.

The haunted prison is now leased by the Moundsville Economic Development Council and is open for day and night "ghost" tours. It is also used for law enforcement training.

Real Haunted Houses

Stigmatized property is a term used in the real estate business which describes possible detrimental features of a property or home, all the result of unfortunate occurrences. These can include murder, suicide and torture, in addition to a belief that a house may be haunted.

Even though a particular buyer may not care about any stigma attached to the property, the stigma may make it very difficult to resell in the future. Therefore, while a buyer may or may not believe in supernatural phenomena, he/she may want to know about a property's bloody past. However, depending on the jurisdiction of the house, the seller may not be required to disclose the full facts.

The Winchester Mystery House is a well-known California mansion that was under construction continuously for 38 years. Deeply saddened by the deaths of her daughter and husband, and seeking solace, Sarah Winchester consulted a medium on the advice of a friend. According to popular history, the medium, who has become known colloquially as the "Boston Medium", told Winchester that there was a curse upon the Winchester family because the guns they made had taken so many lives. She told Winchester that "thousands of persons have died because of it and their spirits are now seeking vengeance."


Although this is disputed, many believe the Boston Medium told her she needed to leave her home in New Haven and travel West, where she must "build a home for yourself and for the spirits who have fallen from this terrible weapon, too. You can never stop building the house. If you continue building, you will live. Stop and you will die." Whether this tale is true or not, Winchester did move west, settling in California. Some believe Winchester followed the medium's directions to distract the spirits she believed were hunting her, and commenced construction on her new home. Urban legend states that Sarah slept in a different room each night for some time. However, this is not true. She had two main bedrooms-- the daisy bedroom at the front of the house where she slept prior to the 1906 earthquake (and, was subsequently trapped in when the chimney collapsed), and the bedroom where she died. The second bedroom is featured on the tour, and is one of the few fully-furnished rooms in the estate, though none of the furniture is authentic.

Sarah Winchester inherited more than $20 million upon her husband's death. She also received nearly 50 percent ownership of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, giving her an income of roughly $1,000 per day, none of which was taxable until 1913. This amount is roughly equivalent to $21,000 a day in 2006 dollars. All of this gave her a tremendous pool of wealth from which to draw to fund construction on the mansion.





Ghost hunting can be an expensive or inexpensive endeavor (yep, inexpensive). It all depends how much you want to spend. Investigators have shown significant results with equipment which is very affordable, so don't let pricing discourage you. Truth be told, you can document and detect ghosts and spirits with a variety of items. Of course the more you have the better, but everyone needs to start somewhere.

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