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Walking Corpse Syndrome


Walking Corpse Syndrome


Not all supposed animated corpse's are actually ghosts, vampires, zombies or creatures reanimated by a mad scientist like Frankenstein, or aliens from another planet or dimension.

Today in several rural parts of the Great Lone Star State there are many, many strange tall tales of where people tell of actually seeing corpses that have supposedly have walked from their graves many miles only to be found lying on the side of the road or on someone's front porch. And this often happens days after they were buried. Some indiviuals that are haunted by the idea, believe it is the dead only trying to find their way back home.

Whether someone mischievously robbed a fresh grave to pull a prank or the tales of walking corpses are true are not, who really can say. But as we certainly know the dead can't really walk... Or Can They?

Walking Corpse Syndrome

People suffering from this strange overpowering condition may often believe that they have lost parts of their bodies or even their souls and some might go as far as to really believe that they are already dead and are indeed a walking corpse, even maintaining that they can smell their own rotting flesh and can feel the worms eating at them. It has also been associated with psychosis linked to drugs such as amphetamines and cocaine and to schizophrenia.


A close friend of mine told me of their mother having this illness and how she would just get up and walk for miles. When stopped and questioned by law enforcement or people trying to help her she would state that she was dead and needed to keep walking until her body just dissolved into dust. She really actually believed that the longer she stood with her family the longer it would take until she found her final rest.

Often she would walk to the nearby funeral home and beg to be embalmed. Once they even found her as far away as Jefferson, Texas, Shreveport, Louisiana and Houston. Just walking through the cemetery and telling everyone to leave her alone she was dead. How she got there no one is quite sure. 

Are these individuals really dead or brain dead zombies of legends past. Creatures that walk the night such as the walking dead are often confused with these entities often called a walking repentant soul or just a walking corpse, only because the living have no other explanation then what has been passed down through the generations.


— Music video by Rob Zombie performing Living Dead Girl. (C) 1999 Geffen Records

In Jefferson, Texas there was always a story I heard as a child growing up about what many would relate to what you would call the Living Dead Girl. This young girl that many call Sadie Mae was in a horrible accident sometimes in the early 1900's they say after the accident she never really recovered. She would just stand there with pale dead glaring eyes. Some old tales tell of how her parents were bring her out and chain her to their porch just to get some sun for she was ver pale they chained her only because so that she would not wonder off.

One strange tale tells how she got loose one day and wandered away. But as the story goes, to no avail. The fearing family searched each near by city but she did not turn up. Feared lost forever her family finally gave up the search fearing she was dead.

12 years went by and no one knew what ever really happened to her until a traveling show came through town toting what many called the real zombie child. And alas poor Sadie Mae found her way back home.

And still to this day many say her ghost are her actual body still walks down the center of town haunting the places where those brave souls still fear to go. Many sightings and strange stories of Sadie Mae haunt Jefferson, Texas. And many will tell you no one will comment on her even those that know her tale. Most often some locals and historians will tell you it is completlely totally untrue. This is believed to be because they fear she will haunt them day and night because she will have no rest until judgment day.

Their are of course those that will tell you it is something that a deranged Texan woman made up Just to scare her children and make them stay home at night. But many believe people keep hushed about her for they fear that she seeks revenge on the descendents of the people that might have stolen her from her family. A often told tale is that the locals felt really creeped out by this living dead girl and it was they that spirited the poor child away from her family. Many who live in Jefferson know too well that this vengeful walking dead girl is said to haunt those that mock her until they go insane.

A tale often told in Jefferson is that if you stand at any truly real haunted location and call out very loudly her name she will come to you. People have reported hearing her rattling chains in the distance. And others claim that she has actually been seen still walking dressed in tattered rags. If nothing happens then as it is believed the actual location your standing at is not haunted and it is suggested you move on to the next and try again.


The Strange Case of the Walking Corpse: A Chronicle of Medical Mysteries, Curious Remedies,and Bizarre but True Healing Folklore

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Here in Marshall, Texas as well as all over the southern parts of America there is the haunted urban legend of what we call the living walking corpse.

These individuals believing they are dead often are found in cemeteries or even haunting living friends relatives and strangers. They do this by walking through town in a stiff manner and usually just standing for long hours in one spot with a deadpan stare on their face.

One time local resident and famed paranormalist necromancer Lisa Lee Harp Waugh was very familiar with the Walking Dead Syndrome she actually had a close friend who was afflicted by the disorder. Often at night he would be found sleeping on graves in local cemeteries. Waugh a teenager at the time just thought he was weird guy who loved to explore cemeteries. In fact thats where they met.

In later years she also had another close friend that showed signs of the same haunted syndome but lost track of him in the past 8 years. "I was in the beginning very alarmed" Says Waugh. "These people actually thought they were dead and I feared for them and their mental states..." " Often they would ask me in all seriousness to go to the local cemetery with them to find the perfect grave for him to lay in." "Honestly, he would always would bring a large shovel and asked me to cover him over with dirt when he found the perfect resting place." "Thank God he never did." "I only went with him because I was really afraid he might get into trouble."

The Walking Dead Zombie Man Of San Francisco

The tale of this brain dead zombie man is not one that is often talked about in public circles. They called him Bob the Zombie. Many believed he was truly dead for the smell of death proceeded him as well as clung to places where he stood.

Bob as the tale goes is thought to have been a man that had died sometimes in the late 1800's a victim of a gruesome murder. His head was severely damaged from what many tales tell of being beaten to death by a fiance's jealous lover.

Bob was always described as walking the lonely night in rags and usually covered in his own feces and urine. Unable to speak or change his expressions many thought he was truly the undead. The only ting many told of him was that he would attack ladies and proceed to push them to the ground and hump upon them.

He is said to have disappeared during the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. Many believe or told stories that the ground just opened up and swallowed him. And as the old urban legend goes he is still alive beneath the streets moaning to be set free.

The California earthquake of April 18, 1906 ranks as one of the most significant earthquakes of all time.

Tales of people hearing the Zombie Man beneath their feet have persisted to this day. He is supposedly buried somewhere on Sacramento Street.

Walking Corpse Syndrome

Dr. Jules Cotard in the late 1800's described the "walking corpse" a psychiatric disease where living patients have delusions about loosing parts of their body or soul.

Sometimes the patients believe that they have died. This is also called "Cotard's Syndrome", and it is a mental disease that has been found in schizophrenics and manic depressives, and those with bipolar disorder.

The Cotard delusion or Cotard's syndrome or Walking Corpse Syndrome, also known as nihilistic or negation delusion, is a rare neuropsychiatric disorder in which a person holds a delusional belief that they are dead (either figuratively or literally), do not exist, are putrefying, or have lost their blood or internal organs. Rarely, it can include delusions of immortality.

According to an article on www.associatedcontent.com, one patient starved himself because he did not think he had a stomach. The original patient studied by Cotard started to think she did not have to eat, and believed she could never die naturally. Another article on www.healthdoc.info, describes a case in which another patient, in 1996, thought he died of either AIDS, yellow fever, or septicemia, a disease where pathogens are present in the blood stream. In addition, he thought his soul was taking a trip in hell, while his physical body was asleep elsewhere.

Head trauma, like in a case in which a motorcycle accident caused this disorder, can be the cause of an altered perception as well. Cortard’s Syndrome is also believed to be related to Capgras Syndrome, a disorder that causes one to believe a person, usually a family member or close friend, has been replaced by an impostor. http://www.thetartan.org/2009/4/6/scitech/healthtalk


The Old Strange Tale Of The Walking Dead Man Of Marshall, Texas

The corpse of a dead Texas man that kept popping up in and around Marshall and as far as San Antonio is the stuff that walking dead urban legends are made of.

The corpse of a dead man that was said to turn up around the great state is often told in hushed tones. True or not the story tells of Old Jasper a dead man that would not stay buried.

His rotting smelly corpse is said to have turned up in many strange places and often when people tell the tale.

Jasper they say never wanted to be buried. He told everyone that when he was alive that if he was buried in the ground to be worm bait that he would return.

His corpse is said to have been found from everywhere in town most often on the grounds of Wiley college. He is described as being dressed in his finest dark suit and his long whiskers waxed to perfection. He is always found wearing one shoe and in his inner coat pocket is a paper with his identifications in it. If you find his corpse they say it is a sign your next for the grave only because he is looking for someone to take his place.

About Tamilla Easter Jackson

A graduate of Wiley College has lived in Marshall, Texas all her life. As the founding member of Marshall, Texas Ghost Finders she and her group of 35 other students have hunted for ghost and paranormal activity through out the City of Marshall, TX. " Growing up haunted inn Marshall is a common thing." says Jackson. Since she was a child she has had over 30 or more encounters with the White Lady of Marshall, Texas.

Tamilla Easter Jackson

Each year during the STAGE COACH DAYS Jackson holds several private ghost tours. Plan to join MTGF for a real ghost hunt of the cities downtown area during the 39th Annual May 2011. Come enjoy the Haunted ghost filled fun!

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