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paranormal healt risks

artwork by Bill Oliver




As what you might be subject to believe is an actual safe environment to investigate real ghosts you could be wrong. And just by the standard review of all your strange paranormal activity that you have collected today you might have stumbled into what might just have been the most haunted situation that could forever change your life.

Paranormal investigations it seems can be afflictive. It is critical or crucial that it is by all standards and should be considered dangerous. Your decisive mind does not understand fully how a desperate haunted person and their dire need for help can sometimes effect you and your family life. Many marriages it seems too often break up because a paranormal investigators wife complains that they are bringing ghosts or demons home with them that are wrecking the mental health of their families. It is essential that many who began ghost hunting as a hobby or often to "PARANORMAL" absorbed to see the real haunted sick paranormal experience that is effecting their own lives. Not only is this a really grave serious matter but it is too often over looked as personal family nonsense.

Many people do not actually realize that ghosts and spirits research can effect their lives with very severe and sudden problems. Acute paranormal problems might just be a a sudden onset and short duration of problems that have arisen in your personal life from your obsession with dark demonic forces or spooks and specters that haunt the night. But it becomes a very chronic paranormal for it's conditions that are often slow to develop and the problems of long duration of your ghost hunting mania effecting your significant other or friends.

It could be from a recent paranormal investigation that included a highly toxic, treacherous, ugly, unhealthy, unsafe, unstable, or the most haunted location where the dilapidated structures with its too many hidden dangerous obstacles that you might need to think twice about before you even endeavor to seek out it's real ghosts. ghost hunting and paranormal investigation because their is no profit to be gained other then self satisfaction might be more detrimental to your marriage love life and friendships then you might be willing to understand.

Haunted Cemeteries, haunted vacant buildings, houses and highways all have their own perils as we all are certainly openly aware of or should be consciously understood as such.

Health issues and safety problems from tromping around cold damp forts or musty cemeteries might be something that will come back to haunt you in future times whether you are aware of them or not.

Haunted Toxins and Unseen Dangers

Airborne toxins, mold, mildew and chemicals from a haunted location as we know can cause you a prolonged illness that might just send you to an early grave. Or even an unsuspecting spouse or child who you may come in contact with upon returning home from the haunted location.

Many who hunt for ghosts do not realize that falling through a rotten floor or contracting a strange incurable paranormal investigation related disease from breathing in chemicals, ingesting toxins, or being exposed to a form of electrical radiation or your personal contact with black mold, can and will effect all you come in contact with. Some of these toxic effectual problems can also effect you mentally whether you know it or not.

It is hard to believe that something as seemingly harmless as mold could have an effect on our brains, but it does. And as I recommend a kit for detecting this should be part of all ghost hunters gear as well as part of ghost hunting procedures.

Exposure to toxic mold can have neurological effects, as spores enter the body and release toxins into the bloodstream. and many of these symptoms are often the same as those experiencing a haunting.

Common symptoms include chronic fatigue, hearing and memory loss, and mild symptoms of dementia.

These are symptoms of the very advanced stages of toxic mold poisoning. If someone you know is suffering neurological damage due to toxic black mold exposure, you should seek medical help immediately.

These symptoms are elusive as a ghost or unseen demonic force, and that is why you should make sure your house and the places you investigate for ghosts is mold free.

Have your house tested, or building, the clients house that you intend to investigate in advance, either by a professional or do it yourself with a mold testing kit from your hardware store.

Keeping the mold out of your house will greatly reduce the risk of developing these symptoms of black mold exposure. Many paranormal investigators in the great south know the warning signs as well and often will strip off all their gear before entering their own home as well as sterilizing gear before they even search for paranormal phenomena on the evidence they might have gathered.

Many of the adverse or bad problems these cause could and might explain what the real haunting or paranormal activity at a building was caused by. We all know that an allergic reactions can be misinterpreted as a ghost seeking revenge but they can also kill you.

And by all cases we never really know what we are allergic to until we come in contact with it. But what if we bring that substance home to a wife or infant?

Those many conflicting situations we need to get an understanding of might be actually contrary or seriously detrimental to out lives. The great disadvantageous to hunting for ghosts is that we never know when the situations will come to haunt us. We can only guess that it will come down on us when we least expect them. And this is the real down side of paranormal investigation to the max.

Ghosts Can Effect Your Sex Life

Ghosts as we believe them to be have no use for any sentiment or control over ones life other then what we might assign them. And it is inimical that we often believe that what we cannot see cannot hurt us. But the injurious effects of hunting for the unknown can and will effect us unless all parties in our lives can understand that it can effect them also. A real ghost will often strike out at us and haunt at an inopportune moment. The negative here is we really are unaware of it and do not assign it a paranormal meaning. When others in our lives become opposed to us we believe it to be only personal issues at the root. And when forces opposing us cause stress in our relationships we do not look for the real reasons it has developed, and we usually think quite the opposite.

When a spouse becomes oppugning because their wife is running around all night with a group of guys hunting for ghosts. Or your always ornery wife is out having her spirits lifted as we search for spooks we are often to reluctant to see the signs of how ghost hunting is effecting our lives. This may seem very repugnant but the problem is ghost hunting has replaced them as your main focus.

If you'd rather spend your nights in stuffy old haunted houses rather then home cuddling with them it is a sign you should take notice of this directly, but sadly many don't. It is too unfortunate that ghost hunting ends marriages but it to can bring new romances into being.

Usually when a ghost hunters wife becomes unfriendly to the team it is unlucky for her that your team supports you and in most cases band together against her. It is unpropitious to think that ghost could have caused your marriage to fall to pieces and you might be unwilling to believe it until you realize it is true.

Some paranormal investigators might not believe it is demonic forces at work ruining their personal. But stranger things have occurred they many fear to document. These things can range from your spouse and family hearing voices to becoming haunted by a ghost. Many paranormal investigators believe this to be just another ploy by their family to get them to stay home from a night out with the investigation team. The ghost that haunts you in these situations might be realer then you think. The very real baleful problem is it seems to you that it is contrived. though the deleterious effects show signs of what many do not realize is a full blown haunting over powering their lives. These relationship destructive ghosts or often disturbing your family night and day but hide themselves if you would try to investigate them. As it happens to often a paranormal investigator might write off this personal evil as nothing harmful. they might consider the hurtful words of the spouse or family as only a jealousy or a ploy to control them. They over look an ill family members problem as just something that was inimical.

These injurious or mischievous ghosts that paranormal investigation brings upon our lives is usually more negative, and nocuous then we might expect. Pernicious ghosts and a well staffed team of prejudicial members hunting ghosts usually do not mix well. And the unfavorable feelings of our family and long time friends might seem contrite but a ghost may be causing yo this ill and yo need to investigate it before it overwhelms you and destroys your life a you know it.

It is so sad to think that when a ghost hunter goes home from hunting and investigating others paranormal claims and his or her child or spouse says they heard or saw a real ghosts, they just too often comfort them by saying. "No you had a bad dream", or "it wasn't real".

Yes we all know people can become possessed by ghosts supposedly. and we never think it can effect us personally as we skeptically watch from our own perspectives. But we often do not realize if we are really haunted by something personally. Much Less our friends or close loved ones. We over look their fears as nothing more then childish delusions or attempts to control us.


Today so many people do not realize what things you might have go wrong with you from researching real ghosts. One must from this point look at the many standard procedures we might just take for granted. and our own over looking of the facts that we are hurting ourselves by being obsessed with the dead.

Bacteria, mold, mildew and pollens or just plain dust in the air can often effect ghost hunting individuals in many shapes and forms. Allergic reactions often pop up out of nowhere. And in the case of black mold it can cause effects that many claim to be as a full blown haunting.

Mildew or mold (also known as black mold or toxic mold) is a type of fungi that develops and grows on surfaces in the form of powdery or downy substance. Humid/damp surfaces in combination with a very moderate temperature and sufficient amount of light provide the best conditions for mold growth. The toxic mold grows on walls, wood, clothes, food, carpets or any article such sofa (made of leather) etc. The mold growth is not confined only to walls, clothes and surfaces of furniture, it also can grow inside the equipments like air conditioners, HVAC systems etc.

The humidity level/dampness (which is the most important factor for mold growth) on the various surfaces is caused due to many conditions such as leak in the surface causing water to drip and form a damp surface, sufficient humidity in surrounding environment, condensation phenomenon etc.

What are the signs of Mold and how it effects us

Identifying where we might come in contact with things that can effect our lives is something a real ghost hunter needs to be aware of on all levels. And Black Mold should be on the top of the list. from http://www.buzzle.com/articles/toxic-black-mold-symptoms-poisoning.html

  • Moisture on the surfaces: Moisture or dampness on surfaces (of wall, wood, clothes etc.) can be treated as very first sign of mold growth (although moisture does not mean mold formation and growth, it is a very important condition for mold formation).
  • Stains on the wall: Yellowish stains on the wall caused due to moisture helps initial growth of mold. Look out for the greenish, blackish or brownish colored patches on the damp wall that characterizes mold growth.
  • Odor: Mildew or musty odors is one of the most prominent sign of mold growth. If you experience a musty odor near damp/humid surfaces, you should look out for the other signs of mold growth.
  • Respiratory system response in the people: If you or anyone staying in the house is hypersensitive to change in surrounding environmental conditions and experience some kind of allergic reaction or respiratory system related problems when you/the person is inside the house, then in that case there is a possibility of high mold growth.
  • Poisoning due to mold: Poisoning due to the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) formed by mold is one of the most prominent sign of potential mold growth.

Toxic black molds and powdery mildews lead to serious health concerns. Homes, offices and all the premises should be protected from black molds. Unless you are aware about the conditions and places where molds can grow, proper protections cannot be taken. Here we would discuss about Top 5 places in house that are heaven for black mold. The main three conditions that support spore germination and mold growth are: (1)

1) Moisture
2) Temperature
3) Food source

Household places that support all three conditions are prone to mold attacks. Let’s see what those places are and how to stop mold growth there.

1. Basements: Basements often catch damp. Hot and moist air, when comes into contact with cold basement walls, condenses and moistens the environment. As there is less ventilation, the damp air stays inside and adds to relative humidity of the place. The darkness of basements acts like a catalyst and enhances mold growth.

Remedy: Exhaust fans can be used to ease the air circulation. Also, insulating the walls may prevent moisture condensation. Humidifiers may be helpful to keep the relative humidity level low. The place should be kept clean and adequately warm.

2. Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry walls: These areas of your house possess high risk to mold contamination. You cannot stop water usage in the kitchen, nor in the bathroom and laundry area. The moisture content automatically increases in these places of your home, so does the probability of black mold growth. The walls near the faucets and showers, the lower surface of the kitchen sink, the shower curtain often show moldy specks.

Remedy: Sufficient ventilation is the only solution. Adequate air flow stops mold formation by reducing moisture content. Artificial air dryer can also be used. Clean the places with natural cleaning products regularly.

3. Crawlspaces: Once water enters into the crawlspaces it wets the soil and molds begin to amplify. Chances of mold contamination are much higher in the crawlspaces that are dirty. You may think that why one needs to worry about crawlspace molds as they are outside your home? The reason is excessive mold growth may result in spore formation and these spores can enter indoor anytime.

Remedy: Make certain, not a drop of water enters there; and if water enters anyway, don’t let it condense on the crawlspace surface. Also, keep the place clean and tidy.

4. Carpet and Wallpapers: Molds often grow and hide beneath the carpets. They spread right under your nose but you cannot notice them unless the musty odor covers the room. Same thing happens with wallpapers. Black molds and mildews obtain the nutrition from the wallpaper glue and start growing at the back.

Remedy: Using mold cleaner could give you satisfactory result. Natural mold cleaners not only kill black molds and mildews but remove the musty odor from your home too.

5. Building walls: Exterior and interior walls of your home can catch damp if there is any plumbing problem. Wooden sidings often soak water after rain and take a lot of time to dry providing the perfect condition for mildews to grow. Excessive rain or huge water pipe leakage may damage the internal walls too.

Remedy: Don’t let water stay long on the walls. Roof overhang, glossy paints for walls and sidings may be helpful. Leave enough space for air to flow and dry damp walls and sidings and let enough sunlight to fall on the walls. Insulate the internal walls to protect it from dampening.

Mildews and black mold grow in dirty and damp places. Cleaning your home regularly with natural cleaning products help you avoid indoor mold growth.

Black Mold Poisoning
After mold formation, it needs nutrition to grow, which it obtains by degrading the surface it is growing on. During the process of degrading surface for nutrition, mold causes formation of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's). These VOC's are harmful to human respiratory and nervous systems.

If a person is subjected to high exposure to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) formed by mold, it affects human respiratory and central nervous systems and causes irritation to mucous membranes.

Symptoms of black mold poisoning:
Common symptoms of black mold poisoning are:

  • Uneasiness in respiration
  • Headaches
  • Cough
  • Red eyes
  • Development of rashes and hives on skin
  • Nausea
  • Memory loss
  • In some cases, people experience bleeding in lungs
  • Lethargy
  • Dizziness
  • Lack in concentration
  • Problem caused due to irritation in mucous membranes
  • Asthma
  • Allergic reactions (such as itching of nose, runny nose etc.) of respiratory and/or nervous system etc
  • Irregularity in blood pressure
  • Damaged digestion and respiratory system
  • Infections of urinary track, problems in urination etc.
  • Pain in liver and other internal organs
  • High level or prolonged exposure to mold can lead to infertility in the patient

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome from typing up paranormal reports, blogs and journals or from researching real ghost pictures on the web often effects many an arm chair ghost hunter whether they know it or not.

Their personal over obsession with the dead or even vampires and all things paranormal to many is just another sign of a hidden mental illness.

And don't forget the many lasting physical problems associated from what many call paranormal or ghost hunters eyestrain from constant searching through long text and the many long hours of paranormal video squinting to see per chance glowing orbs. Paranormal effects from looking at real ghost photos and how and might it just take it's toll on you. You might just start seeing ghost everywhere you look.

Some paranormal investigators often complain of hearing problems from listening to many garbled sounds replayed countless times at high audio levels to just to catch a low whispering evp saying... "You can't hear me".

And we must not forget the very stressful situations that personal ghost hunting dramas too often suck you into. From personal marital problems, insurrection in your group and the fears and worries of the overly frightened client that has you running from them all because they are truly haunting you for answers.


(1) http://www.buzzle.com/articles/5-domestic-places-heaven-for-black-molds-and-mildews.html